John Quinton of Overdrive Digital talks Linkedin advertising for startups

On the surface, LinkedIn’s advertising platform appears extremely limited when compared to the likes of Facebook and Twitter. However, the string in LinkedIn’s bow is the ability to target B2B audiences at an incredibly granular level. By focusing on the right metrics, and making full use of LinkedIn’s features beyond advertising, marketers have the ability to build out highly effective campaigns. This session will run through everything you need to know about how to run LinkedIn advertising, and using results from previous campaigns, show you just how effective the channel can be

Stuart Gregory talks about how Transferwise launches a product

Stuart Gregory, Business Product Manager at Transferwise talks about how Transferwise approaches launching a product aimed at businesses

Stuart shows us how he approaches this problem by understanding early adopters and how he interviews them to be able to understand why they love Transferwise and then translates their language into the product itself

He also walks us through what its like working internally at Transferwise and how he works with both Legal and Compliance teams to make substantive improvements to their products that go far beyond just cosmetic design tweaks

Fergus Dyer-Smith of Wooshii talks about succeeding with double sided marketplaces

Fergus Dyer-Smith of talks about succeeding with double sided marketplaces

Fergus Dyer-Smith, CEO and founder of video production startup Wooshii will talk about their experience building a double sided marketplace and how you they grew both sides of the market at the same time. He will also talk about the changes and pivots they have made over time